Meet The North Carolina HipHop Group Nomads

Editor: Pluggedinwithaustin (January 5th, 10:19PM)

Meet Nomads a Hip-Hop Group from Cullowhee, North Carolina who’s not gonna stop until they’re heard! North Carolina has plenty of dope artists, but if you have heard of Nomads than you know that the group versatility and ability conquer any beat they’re on. The groups members include Flyboi Rell(Founder), lava God, Sieng, Makala Beaver, Alex cox, Sieng Beats, and VloneJay. In 2020, Nomads had accomplished quite a bit and gained over 200k streams on all platforms which is very good start for the group. Personally, my favorite song of theres is “Bape” a smooth trap banger that reminded me of Asap Mob cadence. They haven’t released anything since than, but I guarantee Nomads will be putting in work all 2021. The n0mads are a creative collective cultivated off of the thought that we as a society are on the cusp of a digital age that will be based off monotony and conformity. We see ourselves as the glitch among the circuitry of society and want to be the front runner in developing the next generation of artist who are able to navigate through the lucrative music industry. Make sure to check them out now!

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